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We provide alternative therapy for children (0-12years old) with behavioral and cognitive challenges. 

Our Aims

As a Network, we seek to bring internationally qualified alternative therapists--drama, music, art, and even yoga therapists-- treating children with cognitive and emotional challenges under one roof so that parents, in particular expat parents, can choose the right type of treatment for their child(ren). Therapists can work individually, adhering to their own policies, and/or form part of a treatment team in which a common agreement is arranged. 

As a Network, we also seek to connect with more child therapists not working at our premises in order to widen our network and provide more choice to parents seeking help for their child(ren). 


Our Mission As Therapists


We uniquely tailor the therapy to suit the child's cognitive or emotional need(s).


We can conduct therapy in more than one language apart from English in order to treat children from different cultural backgrounds.


We view the child from multiple schools of psychology in order to best help understand and treat the issue holistically on hand.


We can provide in house training and workshops to parents, teachers and offices, including NGOs on mental health related topics in order to better equip them with adequate information and practical skills.


We are committed and passionate about using evidence-based treatments whenever possible.


We aim to connect our practice with research-based initiatives in order to contribute to research, especially in the developing world where there is a paucity of literature and interventions for children with cognitive and emotional challenges. 


We make treatment affordable, including working with families who may not have the financial means to seek mental health help for their child(ren). 

Kvk number: 66300177

Types of Sessions Offered


Whether with the child, a parent, or in a group setting, we help children to process, understand and solve their issues, big or small. We offer 3 specific types of therapeutic sessions: 

Individual: one on one session with child and therapist for 30-60 minutes, depending on the child's needs. Safe space is created for child to learn how to manage symptoms, process emotions and improve moods in order to self-regulate.   

Groups: usually consisting of 3 to 5 children sharing similar issues such as dealing with grief, bullying, (social) anxiety or depression.

Sessions can run from 50 to 90 minutes, depending on the group's needs.  

Child-parent dyads: sessions geared towards enhancing the relationship between child and parent, including facilitating communication, attachment or transitional related issues for 40-55 minutes. 

All sessions can be structured and/or non-structured depending on issue and treatment goal. 

 Fees dependent on type of treatment plan. Please consult with the desired clinician for more iinformation.

training & workshops


We offer individual and group training on various mental health related topics--ranging from helping teachers deal with difficult children in the classroom, attachment disorders to how to deal with stress and burnout in the workplace. We cover most  topics!

Fees dependent on  nature of workshop/consultation.  If you would like more information, please contact us using the contact page (below).  

To stay up to date with future events, sign our register at the bottom of the page.

Our services: art therapy

What is art therapy?


Internationally recognised and evidence based form of psychological treatment that combines psychology/psychotherapy with the creative process of art making to allow clients to express feelings that are often difficult to express in words.  It is suited for anyone--men, women, children--and all ages  with psycho-social problems and / or psychiatric disorders. 

The aim of art psychotherapy is to bring about change, development, stabilization and / or acceptance. There is a concrete work process and end result, in which the client gains insight during every session.  

Prior art skills is not required!! 

how can art therapy help my child?


Art therapy can help children in many ways, including the following: 

-developing problem solving skills

-identifying negative and positive emotions 

-working on mutual sharing and cooperation

-accepting other's view points

-increasing attention span and frustration levels 

-integrating language with creative expression

-facilitating play and being spontaneous 

-developing a healthy self-image based on feelings of competency and adequacy 

Click on image below to watch an explanation on what Art (Psycho) Therapy is.


Art therapy can be used with children as young as 2 years old depending on problem and treatment goal. 



Hello there! 

Welkom, welcome, bienvenue! My name is Amélie van den Brink. I am the Founder of Child Behavioral Health Network and also the art psychotherapist offering the art psychotherapy service. I hope that through this section you can get a sense of who I am and my clinical work. So here we go :) 

My background 

I am Dutch-Burkinabé (from Burkina Faso, West Africa) but I consider myself a global citizen/nomad since I have lived (and worked) in Africa, the US, Western Europe and Eastern Asia.  I speak (and conduct sessions in) English and French fluently. 


I hold a BA in Psychology/Art Therapy (Magna Cum Laude) from College of Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA) and an MA in Art Therapy (Cum Laude) from New York University (New York, USA). I also hold two certificates from PESI: an advanced certificate in treating children and adolescents with trauma through play and a certificate in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Tapping: EvidenceBased,



Approach to the Anxiety Spectrum Disorders.  I am professionally registered with the American Art Therapy Association (AATA #0015) and the Dutch Federatie Vaktherapeutische Beroepen (NVBT/FVB/Vaktherapie #109815). 

Who I Treat

I can treat anyone but I specialise in treating children on two different tracks: children with special needs (i.e. ADHD/ADD, Aspergers, PDD-NOS, etc) and children suffering from trauma related disorders (ie. depression, bipolar and anxiety).

Where I have worked

I have worked with children in various clinical and non-clinical settings in the US, Western Europe and Eastern Asia, including in psychiatric institutions, summer camps, schools and day treatment centres. Currently, I am practicing in The Hague, The Netherlands, but also serving surrounding areas: Rijswijk, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Delft, Voorburg, Leiderdorp, Oegstgeest & Voorschoten.   

Approach to therapy

My approach to treatment is psychoanalytically based but also holistic in nature. What I mean by this is that while psychoanalysis can provide meaningful insights into a child's internal challenges, it is only one layer of  the child's greater being. Thus, I am interested in treating the whole system of the child as a whole person, including taking into account his/her home and school environments and pscyho-social factors.

I work with a wide range of art medias ranging from painting, collage to clay and 3D sculpture. 

Treatment planning

My treatment plans can be short (between 2 to 4 months) or  long term (6 months+) depending on the child's needs .


  • Consultation: 15 minute free phone consultation, or 50 euros 1 hour physical consultation. 
  • Intake & Assessment: 95 euros
  • Individual Session: 80 euros/40-60 minutes, depending on child's needs.
  • Parent-Child Session: 90 euros/55 minutes.
  • Sibling Session: 130 euros/55 minutes
  • Group Session (3-5 children): 60euros/child/55 minutes

* Prices may increase depending on the severity of the case. I also use a sliding scale for families under certain difficult circumstances and emergencies, where the child may be in immediate need of mental health care but the family has financial difficulties. Eligibility for the sliding scale is assessed on a case by case basis.


Contents of all art psychotherapy sessions are considered to be confidential and protected by therapist-client regulating laws, except when the child is considered to be a danger to him/herself or to others. 


Prior 48 hour notification is required before every session; otherwise, full payment of session will be charged. 



7 year old with Aspergers: I never knew anything about art therapy. When my mom told me about it after finding Amélie on the internet, I thought it was cool! After going to Amélie I love it! I love making art with Amélie! She helps me to tell my feelings and problems at home and in school and how to solve them. I wish I could go everyday! 

Parent of a 4 year old diagnosed as 'twice gifted' My child who was diagnosed as 'twice gifted' worked with Amélie for a year in 2016. I cannot speak highly enough about her approach to my child's challenges. My child has improved in a lot of ways I could not imagine! For example, his tantrums have subsided tremendously. Before he use to throw and break things. Now, he uses art based techniques that help him to quickly calm down as well as being able to express himself once he is calm. Amélie really opened up his world to art and self-expression!! I have been very impressed with her practice, most especially appreciate the weekend availabilities. Thank you Amélie!

12 year old suffering from depression: Amélie and her practice is wonderful!!!! I have been to many therapists and have never felt so comfortable! My experience has been great!! She is very experienced and knowledgeable. More importantly, she truly cares deeply for her clients and that is clear in any interaction with her. I would highly recommend Amélie and her practice. 



Q: Does my child need to be able to draw to get help? 

A: Absolutely not. No prior art making experience or skills is needed. 


Q: Will you interpret my child's artwork?

A: No. The art making process is at the core of the therapy. All sorts of feelings will be expressed in whatever your child creates. That includes conversations, relationships, sculptures, to name a few. These offerings become a part of the conversation that s/he and I create together to help him/her develop and resolve the problem(s).


Q: Do you do home visits? 

A: Yes, I can do home visits; however transport costs may be charged depending on the distance of travel.  


Q: Will my health insurance pay for the sessions/service?

A: It depends on the type of insurance you have and whether it covers 'alternative therapies'.  Please check with your municipality ('Gemeente') and/or your PGB to see how you can afford the treatment prior to a consultation. 

I am registered in the Dutch Health Care Provider registry/AGBCode, Here are my details: practice AGBCode: 90066261;  Art therapy service AGBCode: 90107047. 


Q: What language do you use in your sessions? 

A:  My sessions can be conducted in English or in French. 

Q: How will I be involved as a parent?

A: You can bring questions and feedback to me on a weekly basis by filling out a parent report form. I also meet with you after every 4 art therapy sessions (depending on duration of treatment) to give updates on the child(ren)'s progress, review goals, and offer ideas for how to continue working with your child(ren) at home. 

Q: How do I tell my child(ren) about going to therapy?

A: You can tell your child(ren) the following: "Because things have not been going so well at home (or school, or whatever setting is causing a problem), we thought you might like to have some special art time with a child art therapist named Amélie. She has a lot of different art materials and toys that you can play with. Amélie will never make you do anything you don't want to do, and you will be able to choose when you want to say something. Your time with Amélie will usually happen at the same time every week. Sometimes Amélie will have to talk to me/us about how you are doing."

Q: Can I attend therapy with my child during his/her session?

A:  Unfortunately no. In most cases, you will need to wait in the waiting area during the session. 

Q: What should I do after my child's therapy session?

A: You can give your child(ren) permission to tell you as little or as much as they would like about the session. Some sessions may be emotionally difficult for your child(ren) to process and there could be an increased difficulty in behaviours before or after a session. This is normal.  But if it concerns you, please let me know via an email. 

Community Healing HeARTs Open Studio


What is it?

Do you often feel that you are going through life and its challenges alone? Maybe there are inter-generational issues holding you back that you need to express? Do you find it difficult to use words to express what it is that you are feeling? If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Community Healing HeARTs Open Studio may be the right place for you to discover and express yourself!

The open studio is a safe space for adults (older than 20 years of age) to come together and share their stories. With the aide of an Art Psychotherapist, participants are invited to express themselves on a range of topics using a variety of media--ranging from painting, clay, drawing, to other mixed media materials of choice. 

Depending on interest, children of parents may also be invited to join. 


The open art studio is about so much more than simply making art!  It’s a place to talk, share, and re-connect with the community. It’s also about building self-respect and empowerment – not so much about technical know-how. So you can do what you already know and love, discover your creative potential by trying something new or just relax and chat to others!

When and where

Every Thursday, 5:30-7pm at the Child Behavioral Health Network Office

Keep up with our events on our Facebook page:

Do I have to pay?

Our future goal is to make this free for all, but at the moment we are asking for 10-15 euros to cover basic art supplies. 


If you have any traditional art supplies and/or any scrap material (old magazines, wool / knitting supplies, felt, cardboard, buttons, beads, glitter, fabric, etc.) that you would like to be used in a project or donated to the Network, you are most welcome to do so!  You can also support our social enterprise by joining, donating or volunteering!

To make a personal donation, here is our banking details : 

Child Behavioral Health Network 

NL19 ABNA 0842 5809 21 

With your permission, we will mention your name on the website as a way to thank you for your contribution!  :-)

We look forward to seeing you at one of our sessions!! 


Special mentions to our donators: 

We are humbled to have our first donation of child friendly materials from Carolina Mancuso, a contemporary dancer from Argentina! She donated colored pencils, several teddy bears, finger puppets, and much more! Thank you, thank you, Carolina for your generous contribution! Good luck on your journey back to Argentina! We hope to see you back sometime :-)

Our Blog about Trauma & Autism

Join Our Extended Family/Partners


Our extended family

We understand that not every sector in our society is well versed in child mental health issues. That is why we've stepped in to raise awareness by providing the necessary tools to help.  We partner with different schools, practitioners/clinicians and organisations. The partnership also helps parents who have just arrived who or who are planning to relocate to the Netherlands to locate the appropriate services they need for their child(ren), including finding the right school and/or mental health service.

So whether you are an organisation, a school, or a clinician working with children, we would like to connect and collaborate with you! 

If you would like to become part of our extended family, please send an email to We look forward to welcoming and working with you! :-)

Our current partners

Child & Childhood related Clinical Practices/Practitioners:

Early Years Psychology is a trilingual speaking practice--French, English and Spanish-- based in The Hague by Dr. Sara Dominguez who is from the Dominican Republic. Dr. Dominguez  provides parental guidance and attachment based therapy/support to families with children ages 0 and 4. She has studied and worked in France for 13 years before moving to and starting her practice in The Hague. For more information, please consult her page here:

Mir Psychology founded by Mirena Radulova is an international private practice based in The Hague and Leiden that uses an integrative approach such as EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rogerian Psychotherapy to treat adults with trauma in English and Bulgarian. Although adult centred, the practice also treats child related traumas in adults. Here are links to her English and Bulgarian websites:

Child-based Schools: 

Afrikaanseschool, located in The Hague (& Utrecht): a Saturday school teaching  African/Carribean History, Culture and Languages (also to adults).  For more information, visit their website here: .http://www.afrikaanseschool.nlE

Opportunity forTherapists



Are you a qualified multilingual therapist specialised in treating with children using music, movement, physiotherapy or yoga? Do you need a space to practice? Would you like to work alongside like minded clinicians? If you answered yes to any of these and would like to join us, then please send your CV to  We will reply within 3 business days via email or a phone call. Thank you! 


Your first step to helping your child is here. 

We now have two offices in Wassenaar & The Hague: 


Papeweg 1a, 2245 AD Wassenaar

Het Coach Huis Den Haag

Raamweg 4, 2596 HL, Den Haag

Call us during our business hours. 

Child Behavioral Health Network

Het Coach Huis, raamweg 4, 2596 HL Den Haag




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