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Frequently Asked Questions

Parents often come to us with many questions regarding the therapy journey. As a result, we have started this section to provide some of the frequently asked questions.


How do I access your services for my child(ren)?

There are 2 options: 1) come to us directly, knowing that you will be paying out of pocket (invoices cannot be used for insurance claims unfortunately) and that the clinician will need to review diagnostic and previous treatment documents; and 2) if you're living in the Netherlands either short or longterm it is compulsory to take Dutch healthcare insurance (also important to avoid expensive bills). Make sure your insurance covers 'Complimentary Therapies' (here's an example from HollandZorg). Once you have an insurance, you need to register with a huisarts or General Practitioner/Doctor (GP) who can then refer you to one of our specialists-it is your right to choose who you would like to treat your child!

How will I know how long my child(ren) should go for treatment/therapy?

Depending on the challenge/disorder at hand, the clinician will make recommendations after he or she has made an assessment. Treatment can be short term (4 to 8 sessions) or longterm (8sessions+).

How will I know if the treatment is working? 

At the Network we emphasise open communication between child-therapist and parents. For some clinicians, they may decide to do check-ins every once in awhile in order to give general feedback, provided child gives permission to share certain examples; others may ask for parents to use a Parent Report form if parents notice changes in behaviour at home or in school, or for other concerns. 

What happens if I find the clinician is not professional or effective in their treatment process?

Every clinician is bound by law to follow ethics and standards of their profession. The Child Behavioral Health Network is not liable for any incidents/injuries and malpractice. 

That said the Child Behavioral Health Network is registered with the Klachtenportaalzorg (site in Dutch) because all service providers working with youth in The Netherlands fall under the Youth Act ('Jeugdwet in Dutch). You can file a complaint there which will then come to us, but the issue will be dealt with via the independent clinician/practitioner. 


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