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For Children

Raising a child is in itself the biggest responsibility a caregiver/parent will ever face in their lives. From making sure the child is physically safe, emotionally equipped to navigate the world, to accommodating his or her other needs. And that responsibility can be compounded with all sorts of biological predispositions and environmental stressors, such as the child having a developmental delay or experiencing-witnessing a traumatic event, be it a manmade or natural event. No matter the issue, your child's mental health can affect his or her overall wellbeing and success as well as yours and the family's. The earlier you can get help, the better the outcomes will be for both you and your child.

Here is a list of child based therapists and their websites (of services). You can either inquire with us directly about the child's issues to see if we have a therapist that can help or consult the therapist directly.