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About Us

Why choose Child Behavioral Health Network services?

Healing that is effective, non-invasive and accessible 

When experiencing overwhelming emotions due to an (un)settling situation, you want to seek a qualified mental health professional for help. You’ve probably tried to fix it on your own, but nothing seems to work, at least not for very long. You’re worried things might get worse, or maybe they already have and you're blaming yourself. Yet wonder if healing is possible, even though it is. Choosing to start, or restart therapy can be scary! You want to make sure you select the right therapy and really connect with and feel confident that the therapist has the expertise to help.

Here at the Child Behavioral Health Network ('CBHN' for short), we strive to provide a transformative experience that leaves our clients feeling good-whether that's about themselves, others and/or the future from a place of compassion, safety and trust.

Our Network providers are able to provide the following (in no particular order):
  • face to face, online or in nature sessions, depending on mobility and needs
  • uniquely tailored therapy that suits cognitive, emotional and/or physical need(s)
  • a range of therapeutic formats: individual, with siblings, with parent/caregiver (also called 'dyads') or in a group with other kids/adults experiencing the same issue
  • sessions conducted in a familiar (mother) tongue language 
  • friendly, consistent and transparent communication 
  • a sliding scale to make treatment(s) affordable 
  • privacy and comfort 

As professionals, we are committed and passionate about using evidence-based treatments whenever possible.


Problem areas we focus on

(Rarely will a child under 3 years old receive a diagnosis of a serious behavioral disorder. However, they may begin displaying symptoms of a disorder that could be diagnosed later in childhood.) The following list of disorders is what we work with (click on a link for more info on the issue):


Treatment Costs 

Please consult each independent practice for their prices under 'Our Services-->Behavioral Services'.