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For Clinicians

As a Network, we're always looking to add more languages and services so that more clients can access the mental health care they need. 

If you are a qualified, English or bi/multi-lingual speaking clinician specialised in using complimentary-alternative based treatments to treat childhood issues-be it for children or adults- we would love to hear from you!

Before contacting us, please consider the following requirements: 

Documents: 1) an up-to-date CV; 2) diploma qualifications (Master level degree or higher-check Nuffic for Dutch equivalency evaluation); and 3) membership with your profession's association in the Netherlands;

Register your private practice at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce ('Kamer van Koophandel/KvK' in Dutch), outlining your services/activities; (If you're interested in joining our International branch, please contact us as well!)

Make sure your website is live! This is your chance to tell our future clients about your unique service(s)! (You are responsible for all ethics and standards of your profession, including mentioning privacy related issues. CBHN is not liable to any injuries or misconduct by law).

Kindly submit all documents to info@childbehavioralhealthnetwork with email subject: 'Application for [insert name of your practice website]'. We will then respond to you within 4 business days via email or with a phone call. 

What we offer:

  • visibility to 500+ followers on Facebook
  • a referral system
  • mention in our annual Newsletter
  • collaboration via 1x annual Get Togethers (held in May), live events, blogs and other promotional activities
  • and support 

There is a one time  20 Euros Administrative Fee to join. Aside from that, our mission is for parents and adult clients to be able to find you and for us to help you do what you love doing-that is helping them psychologically!

Terms & Conditions: 

These Terms and Conditions (“Therapist Terms”) are with reference to your intention to register with the Child Behavioral Health Network ("CBHN") website: ("Website"), as a mental health professional. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Website are hereby incorporated in these Therapist Terms by reference.

If you wish to register with the Website as a mental health professional, you grant CBHN the right and license to publish your name, designation and location on the Website, at CBHN’s discretion. Notwithstanding the above, you agree and understand that CBHN has the right and not the obligation to publish the details concerning you. If you are listed on the Website as a therapist, you agree that 

  • You will not represent to any third party, by any offline or online means (including on your social media channels) that you are an employee, agent or partner of CBHN
  • This publication of your credentials is only intended to allow users of this Website access to mental health professionals and does in no way constitute an agency, master-servant relationship, employer-employee relationship, legal representative, partnership, an association of persons, or other forms of joint enterprise between you and CBHN
  • You will not enter into any agreement or arrangement which will bind CBHN legally or otherwise (4) You shall not be entitled to claim any benefits enjoyed by CBHN's employees 
  • You will solely be liable for any communication, advice, counsel, assessment, or recommendation made to users of this Website. 

In the event that it is brought to CBHN’s notice that you have advertised, marketed, or portrayed yourself or your practice as a CBHN employee, CBHN has the right to remove your credentials on the Website, and direct you to remove any posts/content in relation to CBHN.