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ChildCenteredHealing (Arnhem and online)

ChildCenteredHealing (Arnhem and online)

ChildCenteredHealing (Arnhem and online)

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    Arnhem and surrounding areas

    ChildCenteredHealing is a trauma informed, client guided practice founded by Amélie van den Brink-El Makkaoui (a global nomad, with roots in Burkina Faso and The Netherlands) that uses art, play, internal family systems, tapping, and breathwork techniques to treat young people/children (ages 3-18) with the following challenges:

  • developmental delays-fine-gross motor skills, cognition & social skills 

  • autism spectrum disorders-ADHD, gifted, ODD, specific learning difficulties, sensory integration

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • anger management

  • low self-esteem

  • childhood related issues in adults. 

Therapy is provided online and/or in nature ('ecotherapy'), depending on the weather and needs. 
Sessions can be conducted in English or French, and in an individual, sibling, group, or dyad (child-parent) setting.
Early Intervention and Parent based Workshops are also being offered.
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