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Whether just with the child, a sibling or in a group setting, I help children to explore, process, and solve their issues, big or small at their own pace. In particular, I offer three types of therapeutic sessions:


  • Individual therapy: one on one session with child for 30-60 minutes, depending on the child's needs. Safe space is created for child to learn how to identify emotions, process them and manage their symptoms in order to self-regulate.


  • Sibling therapy: child and brother (or sister), 45-60 minute session, depending on needs. Issues can pertain to navigating sibling conflict via social development, problem solving, to name a few.


  • Group therapy: 3 to 5 children sharing similar issues, such as building social skills, processing traumas, learning to become less anxious and depressed. Sessions can run from 45-60 minutes, depending on the needs.


  • Parent-child dyad: parent and child come together for therapy to work on a goal. Sessions are highly interactive and can run from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on both parent and child needs.


All sessions can be structured and/or non-structured depending on the child, the issue and treatment goal(s).



Individual therapy: 80Euros

Group therapy: 50Euros/child

Sibling therapy: 95

Parent-child dyad: 100


* Due to Coivd, art materials are NOT provided in the price. There is a sliding scale for families facing financial challenges. 


I also use a sliding scale for families under certain difficult circumstances and emergencies, where the child may be in immediate need of mental health care but the family has financial difficulties. Eligibility for the sliding scale is assessed on a case by case basis.



Prior 48 hour notification is required before every session; otherwise, full payment of session will be charged.


Art Therapy is a complementary practice as defined by Dutch law. The compensation of the costs of Art Therapy sessions depends on the insurance cover of each individual. Please check with your insurance provider before contacting me for a consultation or a session.