Play Therapy

Play Therapy

Play is the natural language of children. They learn through play. It is spontaneous and voluntary. It is a child’s form of communication and expression, his or her natural expression of a healthy mind and body. It is how friendships are formed and how children form connection with others. Play has a direct correlation with play deprivation and mental illness. Oftentimes, we can see this in children who have gone through trauma-be it trauma within the family, trauma caused by man-made or natural disasters, to name a few examples of where trauma can occur. 

In our sessions we follow Gary Landreth’s motto: “Play is the child’s natural medium of communication and the toys are the words they use.”

Objectives of Play Therapy (Homeyer, 1996):

  • Assume greater responsibility
  • Become more self-directing
  • Become more self-reliant
  • Become more trusting of self
  • Become sensitive to the process of coping
  • Experience a feeling of control
  • Develop a more positive self-concept
  • Develop an internal source of evaluation

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